Villa Zamboanga

Cascada de Camoján
Alejandro Giménez Architects

Villa Zamboanga Project

At the heart of the Cascada de Camoján urbanisation in Marbella, surrounded by a pine forest, sits a villa refurbished by our Alejandro Giménez Architecture Studio. We started with relocating the kitchen, living room, and dining room to the central core of the house; this change has allowed a more intense interrelation with the exterior, fostering a more open and immersive lifestyle.

However, the crown jewel of this project lies in the master bedroom reform. We removed the false ceilings, extending it to the top of the house with impressive 3-meter heights, creating the feeling of spaciousness. From the upper part of the house, you can appreciate panoramic views of the vibrant city of Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea. This reform we have carried out in the villa brings an intimate design and at the same time, harmony with nature.

Villa Zamboanga Gallery