Casa Isabelle

Aloha Golf Marbella
Alejandro Giménez Architects

Casa Isabelle - Aloha Golf Project

The studio enters the reform and expansion of this Marbella villa located in a exceptional place. The project starts from a design conceived in the place, sculpted with the sea, natural light and the landscape as references.

Affirming in the characteristic reinterpretation of Andalusian architecture, the architect Alejandro Giménez manages to integrate the new needs of the owners with the pieces of value already present.

The intention of respecting and integrating the pre-existing is evident in the treatment given to the original fireplace in the main room, visible from several points of the house. And in the use of various textures and natural materials in warm tones, which harmonize with the greens and browns so present in the vegetation and manages to reconcile the vernacular with the modern.

Under these parameters there are three predominant materials: lime, in the thick walls that divide the rooms; iroko wood, for finishes, furniture and representative or decorative elements; and the mortex, which extends over the pavement of the entire house and even over some pieces of fixed furniture, giving uniformity and continuity to the whole.

They use reeds for the sliding shutters, which filter the natural light and create fun shadow plays inside. The artifitial lighting, taken care of to the extreme, is always indirect and gradual, with recessed lights in the walls at different levels according to the need, which are completely hidden.

Another hallmark of this exercise of containment and cult of the roots is based on enhancing the interior / exterior relationship through the opening of large windows, practicable or not depending on the orientation and requirement of the space. As well as the tours, which aim to surprise, break the regularity and not show everything at a single glance but lead the visitor through unexpected openings, light touches of color, such as that of bougainvilleas, or sounds, such as that of the fountains in the patios. exteriors.

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