Apartment in the Old Town

Alejandro Giménez Architects

Apartament Old Town Project

Alejandro Giménez’s studio is in charge of carrying out the construction of three houses between walls, located in the old town of Seville, with a plot area of ​​125.67m2.

We achieve a classic conception of the houses with the execution of generous walls that generate the sensation of a heavy and massive architecture. In addition, in the center a courtyard is introduced as a lung of the building to which the houses open and through which they circulate around it.

The house is divided into 3 houses, an apartment on the ground floor, another small apartment on the first floor and a duplex penthouse with a terrace. The duplex penthouse, on the first floor with the main room with an integrated bathroom, conception of space and light, a large window in the ceiling bathes the bathtub / basin with light.

 On the second floor, we have a kitchen and living room integrated with the terrace, the kitchen at different heights becomes the home tower, from where you can have a global vision of what happens in the living room and terrace, the stove area returns to be bathed by waterfall of light on the ceiling.

Apartment in the Old Town Gallery