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We make your interior architecture project a reality in Marbella. At Alejandro Giménez architects we give a shape to your idea to make it a reality by constructing spaces full of peace, harmony and tranquillity.


Alejandro Giménez architects studio in Marbella is composed of a team of professionals who study and pay attention to every detail in order to achieve a perfect final result, exactly the way you had envisioned it.

After more than 20 years of experience making homes and different buildings a reality, Alejandro Giménez has his own very distinct style inspired by typical Mediterranean architecture. He seeks to create an architecture with roots and foundations that is linked to the place where the Andalusian tradition achieves the perfect balance with the contemporary, forming a synergy between elegance and naturalness.

We are committed to the integration of the building with the landscape and land where it is built forming part of a whole and taking advantage of natural resources. We like to integrate the exterior with the interior of the house to obtain more natural light and purer spaces, thus creating a fusion effect between the natural and the modern styles.

We develop the project hand in hand with the client and take into account their wishes and what they want to achieve. We start the process by developing a detailed initial plan that incorporates your needs, land analysis and legal building requirements, we design preliminary sketches of the future building so that the client is always informed and can give us feedback with their respective opinion. It is very important to maintain a close relationship so that communication flows and the required results are achieved.


Marbella stands out for its luxury architecture, villas, urbanisations, hotels and golf courses. It is a perfect city for the construction of high-end buildings. It is located in an ideal spot in the south of Spain and is the seaside resort of the Costa del Sol and is surrounded by the Sierra Blanca mountains and its 27 km long beaches.

It is a city with great leisure activity including various nightclubs and the best fashion brands. Its marina Banús is very well known for its luxury yachts where various nautical activities take place.

Marbella is a perfect city to live in, where luxury and tranquillity co-exist. A safe place with all the comforts. At Alejandro Giménez Architects, we know this city to perfection as well as its land and key points for construction, since we have carried out several constructions in the past.

Put your dream home in our hands and together we will make your dream home in Marbella a reality.


In our architecture studio, we have experience participating in the interior designing of homes in Marbella.


This house is located in the historic centre of the neighbouring municipality of Marbella – Estepona and is set amidst flowers, orange trees and white walls. It stands out for its creativity, design and craftsmanship, where solid volumes and wide spaces coexist with natural elements, giving rise to an identity typical of the white villages of Andalusia.

The main space of the house has a height of 4 metres while maintaining the feeling of cosiness and warmth. All the doors, wardrobes and furniture are made of solid oak and designed by Alejandro Giménez and custom made by a local carpenter. Not only did we handle the construction, but we also carried out all the interior decoration and gave meaning to each space to form a perfect harmony between the design and the interior creativity.


This oasis of pleasure is located in Elviria. We wanted to capture the serenity and tranquillity that are necessary in a routine and fast-paced world through the beauty of the architecture. We want coming home to be a pleasure, a way of disconnecting and escaping, where you can feel comfortable and at ease.

The use of materials in this house was kept to a minimum: white walls, limestone floors and Iroko wood. Our aim was to create contemporary architecture with warmth and temperature.


The exterior space stands out in this house, forming a perfect synergy with the interior of the house. Each room has its own private outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the views.

The natural landscape, the pine trees and the greenery is the protagonist of this Villa with white walls.

Interior Architect Marbella