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If you are looking for an Interior Design Architect Marbella, at Alejandro Giménez  Architects we help you make your idea a reality.

Alejandro Giménez, after whom the studio is named, was born in Malaga in 1972 and graduated as an architect in Seville. Very influenced by the Mediterranean coast and Andalusia, he tries to bring what inspires him by to each of his designs.

Our work motto is to merge beauty and harmony in a space that reflects the needs and inner world of our clients. We want to be able to give the best results through architecture and interior design.


Alejandro Giménez Architects was founded in 1999 in Malaga. Today, after 22 years,  we provide services all over the Costa del Sol, therefore we offer our interior design service in Marbella.

Through water, natural light and textures we want to create rooms and spaces that reflect calm and become a den in which to take refuge, isolate and enjoy. With all the hustle and bustle outside, at Alejandro Giménez Architects what we want is to achieve an oasis of peace in our clients’ homes,  so they can relax and enjoy. We have a complete gallery so you can see our work in greater detail.


Each project we take on is unique and customised according to the needs of our clients. We want to combine tradition and modernity in a single space that allows us to see reflections of Andalusian culture, as well as the modernity that permeates our lives.

For our interior design projects, we take care of every detail. We are committed to  materials of the best quality, which ensure an impeccable finish and exceptional durability. We want to achieve a stylish design that reflects our customers’ identity, but at the same time has a warmth to it.

To ensure the complete customisation of the project and to confirm that we are meeting the expectations and needs of our clients, they participate fully in the entire process of selecting materials and finishes. At Alejandro Giménez Architects we show you different sketches of the idea that you articulated to us so that you can choose the one you like the most.

the best interior design architect in marbella

At Alejandro Giménez Architects we have a whole team of architects specialising in construction and interior design who will make sure all customer expectations are met.

We always work to achieve the best results and offer our clients an interior design that suits their needs and reflects their personality, whilst having that touch so characteristic of the architecture and design of Alejandro Giménez.  

Not surprisingly, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company of architects, and interior designers, throughout the Costa del Sol. We also believed it essential to develop our services in Marbella, not only due to great demand, but also to regain the essence and identity characteristics of the Costa del Sol.

For interior decoration, we favour large volumes and spaces that coexist with natural spaces, as well as elements that give it identity and reflect the essence of traditional Andalusian villas. We always try to achieve open spaces that give a feeling of spaciousness and connection with the interior; for which, windows are fundamental, as well as bright tones and decorative elements that contribute to give a sense of depth and spaciousness.

Interior Design Projects in Marbella


At Alejandro Giménez Architects we are a team of technical architects and interior designers with over 20 years’ experience carrying out all kinds of projects for single-family homes.

We take care of the entire design process from the first moment, always maintaining fluid and regular communication with the client.

We try to guarantee the highest quality, always staying on budget and the established timescale. Above all is customer satisfaction, and this goes beyond a beautiful finish, as it also incorporates having stayed true to the budget and having used quality and durable materials.

We always like to talk to the client to get to know them better and to ascertain what their needs and requirements are. This way we can offer a result that fits what they are looking for.

If you are looking for an interior design architect in Marbella, at Alejandro Giménez  Architects we have what you need.