Casa Los Chopitos

Alejandro Giménez Architects

Casa Los Chopitos Project

The house is an oasis of pleasure, a piece of paradise within the real estate maelstrom that has developed in Marbella in recent years.

This house with family values, first inhabited by the owner’s parents who were seduced by the glamorous Marbella of the 60s, is now enjoyed by a new generation of children who occupy it today during their holidays.

In my work I try to introduce architecture slowly. The spaces take you and seduce you from one patio to another with the sound of fountains that call us to discover … or a color that takes us from the inside to the outside without even realizing it.

We try to recreate the pleasure of getting lost, walking aimlessly, something that can be felt wandering through the many white villages of Andalusia that are located a few kilometers from this property.

We seek to make contemporary architecture but give it warmth and temperature, abandoning the cold and aseptic components of many new homes. Spaces that respond to the spiritual mission of architecture through beauty, serenity and tranquility are necessary in a contemporary world where speed reigns.

The predominant color is white, as a reference to the popular architecture of the white villages of Andalusia with its wealth of volume and movement. To accentuate the exterior white, a pink color has been used, similar to the bougainvillea on the plot that come to life when bathing in the Andalusian sun.

The use of materials has been kept to a minimum: white walls, limestone floors and Iroko wood. Everything is solved using this simple palette. We have also designed some furniture especially for these spaces.

Casa Los Chopitos Gallery