Cooking Ideas

Alejandro Giménez Architects

Cooking Ideas - Our Office Project

The architecture studio of Alejandro Giménez Architects is located in the historic center of the coastal city of Estepona.

The study is accessed from the entrance patio thanks to a separate staircase to the house. The railing is treated as a simple compositional element composed of metal bars in black and 10 meters high. The profiles go up from the steps to the upper floor, making it a singular element in the project.

When you enter the office, a spacious space with a large sloping roof opens onto a terrace with barbecue and chill out area. The studio floor is a continuous gray microcement coating both indoors and outdoors, losing the boundaries between interior and exterior. The gray color of the floor is enveloped by the warmth of the solid oak doors and cabinets, and the natural light that enters through the large skylights that characterize the space. This floor also has a sculptural chimney at ground level that dominates the work area, a meeting room, office, and a bathroom. The bathroom has an elongated countertop that rests on a cabinet covered entirely in microcement, which gives the element an almost sculptural character.

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