Villa Azul Montaña

Alejandro Giménez Architects

Villa Azul Montaña Project

Villa Azul Montaña is a single-family housing project that sits in the heart of a pine forest of pine trees, a purely Mediterranean species.

This leads the architect to develop the entire project with the utmost respect and care for the existing pines. The project starts from the idea of focusing the views on the pines, where the house is inserted in the space looking for its own roots.

In this way, from the moment you enter the house, you can find windows that seduce you and take you towards the pine forest. It is a house with a contemporary architecture that seeks to maintain the Mediterranean roots. The white color and the textures of the walls and ceilings remind us of the popular architecture of Andalusia, where the oak wood and the limestone floor give us warmth and temperature in the spaces.

Villa Azul Montaña Gallery