Villa Las Chapas

Alejandro Giménez Architects

Villa Las Chapas Project

In this house a large patio was arranged as access to the house, which defines the relationship between the main house and the guest house. This means that the house is gradually revealed and becomes more mysterious as you enter. Access is through a sea of ​​small stones that are flooded by a stream of water that reminds us of Japanese architecture. The same feeling is experienced in the access to the rooms with the pink wall and the steps.

With its simple white walls, the architecture frames and limits the landscape. Somehow the existing pines are highlighted to enhance their beauty and strength …

Each room has a direct relationship with its own outdoor space, its own private terrace from which to enjoy the views.

 The double height living room operates on different levels, separating the dining, living room and TV areas by several steps. As we go up to the upper room, we enjoy different perspectives.

 The master bedroom offers an open suite with the bed that opens directly onto the garden. The bathroom has a window and a pink wall that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. The window next to the desk was created during construction work with the idea of ​​framing the existing landscape. Headboards, desks, cupboards, countertops … have been custom designed by Alejandro Giménez. It is intended that the decoration is the architecture itself that needs the minimum of external elements.

Villa Las Chapas Gallery