Villa Mijas

Alejandro Giménez Architects

Villa Mijas Project

With an exceptional location between the sea and the mountains, the architectural studio Alejandro Giménez Architects begins the renovation and extension of a villa from the 60s with traditional Mediterranean architecture.

Maintaining the respect for its original architecture, our intention is to recreate its previous variety of roofs, emphasizing the overhangs and handcrafted tiles which characterize this type of architecture. To achieve the idea of unity, the extension integrates with the existing parts and this produces a cohesive architecture.

The renovation creates open spaces on the ground floor and an exterior space covered by a pergola that gives a more natural appearance. The pergola made from wood and reed protects the house from direct sunlight. The extension generates a new space on the upper level which provides the home with new bedrooms and a new terrace with astonishing views.

The outdoor spaces are made from natural materials such as wood, reed, handcrafted tiles… on doors, overhangs, and pergolas. This creates spaces more connected with the natural environment.

Villa Mijas Gallery