Interior Design Sotogrande

For Interior Design Sotogrande projects, we have a specialised architecture studio. Alejandro Giménez is the solution you need. Customisation is one of the fundamental aspects in an architectural and interior decoration project. Therefore, offering the best result means being fully involved in each project and interpreting what each client wants.

We are able to harmoniously combine within the same space, the colours, beauty and design influences of ancestral cultures with new trends to achieve the most interesting derivations.

When you need specialised interior designers who know how to capture your style and translate it into design, Alejandro Giménez is the answer to give your home the atmosphere you’ve always wanted.



Are you looking for a contemporary design with Mediterranean reflections? We can achieve this, using natural and local materials of great quality, offering Sotogrande interior design solutions.

Do you want to create a space that reflects your particular style and also brings serenity and peace? Then you need the dedicated work we do, prioritising natural light as well as different textures or even the presence of water in a given project.

Of course, achieving the best architectural and interior decoration projects requires experience, and our studio has decades of experience in interior decoration and construction.

We always achieve extraordinary results in our work.


We know that achieving proper customisation of a home is hard work, but it offers very satisfactory results. It requires, of course, the high professional standard that we guarantee at Alejandro Giménez, where a team of specialists and architects can achieve goals that seem impossible.

This way, with our professional work you turn your home into a place to which you will always want to return because it represents a true refuge with the homely and friendly atmosphere that welcomes you every time, after an intense day.

We know how to achieve those touches that make you feel comfortable with everything around you, where everything fits perfectly and you don’t want to change a thing.



We are a group of professionals who carry out the step-by-step monitoring of the interior design processes. That is how we deliver, from the sketches of each plan to the list of requirements and the timescale in which the work will be carried out.

All of the above gives us the ability to fully guarantee everything related to costs, budgets and, obviously, the highest quality that will ensure you are satisfied.

We can transform classic compartmentalised spaces into large, flexible and continuous areas. From living rooms to kitchens, thanks to the elimination of unnecessary elements we are able to provide more space, height and natural light to the rooms. We also have the ability to intercede in the interior design of the furniture to achieve its complete integration with the materials and the design, we use different textures and materials to achieve beautiful shades in harmony with everything around us.

Another feature that characterises us is that we take extreme care of the lighting in each project so that it adapts to the requirements of each client and generates a particular environment.  The style of the Sotogrande Architect Alejandro Giménez, is based on reinterpreting traditional architectures to give them a contemporary air, respecting, when the client so requires it, the original facades. We do all this in a harmonious way to create environments of supreme tranquility

How do you want to enhance that specific area of your home? How do you want to capture your personal style in these spaces? At Alejandro Giménez we are open to listening to all your ideas and making them a reality with excellent materials and new proposals.

Request all the information you want and you will even receive images of the spaces that we have transformed with our ideas.