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At Alejandro Giménez Architects Sotogrande we create dreams, we make your home project possible, we give it life and form so that you can enjoy every corner, taking advantage of the spaces, the light and the exterior terrain.

Alejandro Giménez architecture studio Sotogrande

After a great educational journey in Spain, the United States and Germany, and then graduating from the School of Architecture of Seville, Alejandro Giménez founded his architecture studio in 1999 for his great passion; the construction and design of high-end residential homes. Since then he has had a spotless career, surrounded by large projects and hundreds of satisfied and happy clients who are able to enjoy a new home with the signature of Alejandro Giménez Architects.

Thanks to his great professional career and experiences abroad, specifically in Japan and Mexico, he grew and developed in the sector, marking out his own style of architecture, having its own personality and character, discovering new colours, spaces and different ideas.

His goal as an architect in Sotogrande is to create spaces full of calm and peace, spacious environments that convey serenity and purity to its inhabitants.

Sotogrande, cradle of architecture

Sotogrande is an ideal place for the construction of large residential homes, as it has a privileged position between the Strait of Gibraltar and the wonderful beaches of the Costa del Sol. A pleasant climate all year round with many hours of light and sunny days and a Mediterranean coastal temperature with all its benefits.

It is an exclusive and luxurious residential urbanization with multiple sports and leisure activities, a safe and ideal place to live.

Alejandro Giménez Architects have our own style, inspired by Andalusian design, we use elements such as water, natural light and different textures to create unique and recognised spaces. They adapt to the environment and the building land to make the most of it, to create an integration with the exterior, where everything is in tune and concordance to obtain outstanding results.

We take advantage of the wonderful views and landscapes of Sotogrande to incorporate them into the designs, which are part of a whole. A Mediterranean architecture to create contemporary spaces. Taking care of every detail, using quality natural materials, typical of the Mediterranean culture.

Alejandro Giménez, architects in Sotogrande. We will make that project a reality together, we will make you part of it, trust and communication is fundamental to obtain the desired results.

Villa San Diego
Casa Isabelle
Casa Hikari
Los Chopitos
Casa Puri
Casa de la Luz

Villa San Diego, the perfect synergy

We have extensive experience in building Villas in Sotogrande, “Villa San Diego” being one of our star projects. A house of simple Andalusian architecture with wide white walls integrated with large windows that frame the sea views.

They form a unique design where the wonders of the exterior landscape, the light, the sea and the garden are incorporated, forming an ensemble that conveys harmony and peace. A place where you will always want to return, where you will feel safe and comfortable.

In this project, the spaciousness of the environments stand out due to its large, high walls and the great natural light, thanks to its large windows. A house inspired by Andalusian roots, combined with a contemporary style, a synergy that resulted in a villa with its own personality.

The combination of natural materials, wood, clay and whitewashed walls was used for its construction to achieve a soft and modern contrast.

Sotogrande Architecture Projects

Interior design architects in Sotogrande

We make each project our own, we commit ourselves and we seek excellence to achieve the best results. Each design is unique, we take care of every detail and material chosen, seeking to create a warm space with its own identity.

All our projects in Sotogrande involve the development of a creative process hand in hand with interior design to achieve cozy and personal spaces. We think about all the details so that it remains as planned.

We always start by offering our client a detailed program where we incorporate their suggestions and wishes, analyze the land to be built on and any legalities of building. Each client receives several detailed ideas and sketches of the ideal home for their aspirations and dreams, we want it to be as they have imagined it. The client will participate and give us their opinion throughout the work process.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or suggestions, we would love to be your architect studio in Sotogrande. Tell us your idea, your aspirations and we will get to work to make it a reality.