Interior Design Architect Estepona

Alejandro Giménez is an Interior Design Architect Estepona expert. We offer a personalised and unique service to our clients.

Starting an interior design project can be an intriguing but complicated time if you don’t have the right architect throughout the process. Before you meet someone, you should have an idea of what you want to achieve in your home. Having an idea of the do’s and don’ts is an important starting point for both parties. When you know which styles you gravitate toward, your interior designer is able to weed out concepts that won’t work for you. Narrowing down the possibilities to those you’re sure to love is a great way to start the conversation.

If you are looking for an Estepona Interior Design Architect, at Alejandro Giménez we listen to you in order to make your ideas come true.


By choosing our customised services, creativity can be given more space, allowing attention to the smallest of details and perfect integration with the environment, and ensuring the best use of space when decorating modern high-end interiors.

Each project that we take care on is unique and original and meets the specific needs of each individual client. We keep up with the times and love the advances that the age in which we live has brought us. But we also allow ourselves be seduced by the traditions and beautiful Mediterranean legacy; and we make that evident in our creations.

We look for light spaces that give a feeling of spaciousness, freedom, depth; in which there is a connection between the interior and the exterior; spaces that inherit the spirit of Andalusian villas. For this, large windows, bright tones, high ceilings and large volumes are essential; giving a feeling of spaciousness and luxury. In short, houses to make the people who live in them happy.

Interior Design Architect Estepona with experience

We are a leading company as Architect Sotogrande and Costa del Sol. We also offer an interior design service in Andalusia. The Alejandro Giménez Architects Studio was founded in 1999 in Malaga. After more than 22 years’ experience and having built an enviable reputation, we have been able to bring our good work to our clients.

Alejandro Giménez Architects create custom designs; for clients looking for high end modern interior design projects reminiscent of Andalusian culture.  We offer a service that makes the product unique: it is the difference between haute couture and ready-to-wear.

The effect is very discernible, an interior designer who reviews the plans and decorates the space without leaving anything to chance is not easy; thanks to the careful and precise way in which we design, we offer the best solutions for our clients.

Water, natural light and different textures make up our palette to establish rooms and spaces that convey calm and become a haven of peace in which to find refuge, make memories and delight in. Alejandro Giménez Architects ensures that our client’s houses are places where they can insulate themselves from the hustle and bustle outside, where they can relax and have fun. We have a complete gallery where you can examine our works in greater detail.



Alejandro Giménez, the architect after whom the studio is named, is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean coast and Andalusia where he was born. And this inspiration, which arises from his origins, is reflected in all his work; in each of his designs. However, we also find inspiration in our clients and what they enjoy. Therefore, the idea that guides us is to create beauty and harmony in a space that reflects the needs and personality of the client.

We create distinctive designs and use high-end materials for a flawless finish and maximum durability.  Our customers are actively involved in the entire process of selecting materials and finishes. We propose different sketches of the idea that they have expressed to us so that they choose the one they prefer.

All these processes, supervised by our team of professionals, gives rise to a totally unique and outstanding project.  So much so that we have worked in numerous cities in Andalusia such as Seville, Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga…