Interior Design Marbella

Any Interior Design Marbella job is possible at Alejandro Giménez Architects. A personal and exclusive style for your home.

Our designs draw directly from Mediterranean culture and the white villages of Andalucía. This is combined with the Mexican influences from Alejandro Gimémez’s time in Mexico to create spaces where colour, beauty and harmony are always present.

If you have been looking for an interior designer in Marbella for some time to help you finish giving your house that final touch of style to make it your ideal home, at Alejandro Giménez Architects we put at your disposal all our resources and tools so we can offer you an interior design and decoration in Marbella worthy of the prestige of the architect Alejandro Giménez.


For all our Interior Design and Decoration projects in Marbella we not only advocate quality materials, but also local and natural ones, in order to achieve a contemporary interior design that reflects the Mediterranean architecture that inspires us so much.

Similarly, we place huge importance on water, natural light and textures. We believe that if we properly combine these elements, we can create really unique, quiet spaces that convey calmness and serenity. Having Alejandro Giménez as Interior Designer in Marbella for any project will ensure you can transfer everything we’ve mentioned to your home.

Another great pillar of our architecture is that all the projects we develop are unique and completely personalised. Just as no two people are the same, at Alejandro Giménez Architects we believe that no two interior design and decoration projects can be the same. That is why we fully devote ourselves to each project to give the best of ourselves as Interior Design Architects Marbella, in order to offer you the best results.


At Alejandro Giménez Architects we know that finding an interior designer in Marbella who has a very personal style, but at the same time adapts to what you are looking for is not easy. However, just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Our team of architects and workers, under the instructions of Alejandro Giménez, work hard on our projects in order to offer our clients the best results. Our goal is to be able to turn your house into a home; a refuge you feel like going to after a hard day’s work.

That is why Alejandro Giménez’s interior design in Marbella will give your house the touch it needs to make it perfect for you. The worst feeling of all is that of coming home after a tiring day at the office and not being at ease, even in your own home. However, we work diligently so that you can come home and rest, without thinking about what you would like to change about that place you call home.

Our Marbella Interior Designer and his team have over 20 years’ experience in home construction and interior decoration. We have taken our services of interior design and architecture Sotogrande, Seville, Cadiz, Huelva, Málaga…, as our main objective is to be able to expand our services to give the best results to anyone who needs an interior design project in Marbella.



At Alejandro Giménez Architects we manage the development of the entire interior design process. We carry out a sketch of the project, we establish the deadlines, the requirements, the timescale… and we always guarantee compliance with the budget, cost and quality. What we want is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

If you want more information about how we work at Alejandro Giménez Architects, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to know what your requirements are and what you have in mind for your home or housing project. In addition, we would also like to show you some of the houses that we have decorated so that you can get an idea of our line of work first hand.

If you are looking for an interior designer in Marbella who can meet all your requirements,  Alejandro Giménez Architects is the team of architects and interior designers you’ve been looking for. Alejandro Giménez’s leadership never leaves any client dissatisfied.